Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Visit from Family: Jekyll Island

Driftwood Beach

This came home with me. :)

Dinner at the Half Shell on SSI.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Visit From Family: Fort Frederica and East Beach

We were pretty excited to have quite a bit of company last month.  Two of The Mr.'s sisters visited us and we had eight guests!  The H's were able to stay here, but the S's got a cute condo right near the beach.  On the first day of their visit, we ate breakfast together here at our condo and then took off to do a few things on the island for the day.

It was fun for Little Mr. to get to know some of his older cousins a bit better!

Bonding time with Aunt D.

By the end of the weekend, Little Mr. was quite attached to them.  He called them "the boys" and "the other one."  The "other one" was this young lady of course! ;)  He would also refer to a couple of them by their names, but as a group, he called them "the boys!"

We visited Fort Frederica and I convinced the younger gang to dress up for some photos!

This little guy was found as we were checking out the fort.  He changed colors while we were holding him, from the green color above to the grey color below.

Little Mr. wasn't so sure about the lizard but he has seen them enough times since this day that he gets pretty excited about them.

One of the sisters took this.

K swinging on a huge low hanging vine.  I wish I had a good photo of the size of this thing, it stretched from one treetop to another!

After Fort Frederica we went over to B and D's rental condo, and then from there we walked to East Beach.

The boys dug a deep hole in the sand!

Aunt D rocked Little Brother to sleep, I couldn't believe he fell asleep!  She's got talent.

And of course, you haven't truly been a tourist on Saint Simons if you haven't yet been to Southern Soul BBQ, so we took everyone there for dinner.  It was YUMMO!

The meal was topped off with these deep fried Oreo cookies!